Jupiter v4.4.3 – WordPress多用途自适应主题


Jupiter是一个清洁,灵活,充分响应和视网膜准备的WordPress主题。 它的智能和手工制作环境允许您建立优秀的网站容易和快速。 您可以使用Jupiter创建标准多页网站或单页网站。

最新版本:Jupiter V4.4.3

重要改进 :

  • New Feature :Visual Composer V4.7.4 (Important security update)
  • New Feature :MasterSlider V2.20.4
  • New Feature :Row shortcode design options feature added
  • BugFix : Portfolio classic style > choose meta element option is not working
  • BugFix : Inner Row shortcode device visibility feature not working
  • BugFix : Employee Single Page missing div tag caused footer fixed style to not work as expected
  • BugFix : Woocommrce responsive fixes
  • BugFix : Smooth scroll updated to fix some issues
  • BugFix : Some other minor fixes

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